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Title:Free Dating Site -
Description:Free is one of the most popular online dating sites in the United Kingdom. You don't need a credit card to use any part of the site. Check out their online dating articles for a laugh.
Link Owner:Dave Eaves
Date Added:June 07, 2010 12:18:04 PM
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Find people who are looking for a date in Nottingham.

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Find people who are looking for a date in Liverpool.

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Find people who are looking for a date in Leeds.

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Latest Feed: Love Padlock Locations Around the World
Love padlocks are a custom by which padlocks are affixed to a fence, gate, bridge or similar by couples at a number of destinations in Europe and throughout the World. Couples do this to symbolize their undying love for one another and once they have attached the padlock they throw away the key. Here are some of the top love padlock locations from around the World that we have been able to find around the internet. Paris, France Image Source Above: A photograph of love padlocks on the Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge which crosses the Seine River and one of the most romantic spots in Paris. Pecs, Hungary Image Source Above: This fence in Pecs, Hungary is where the practice of love padlocks is thought to have begun back in the 1980s. Cologne, Germany Image Source Above: Since 2008, love locks have started to show up on the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, Germany. The bridge is 409.19 meters long and is full of these locks between the pavement and the tracks. Huangshan, China Image Source Above: Newlyweds and lovers have a lock inscribed with their names and lock it on the chain link fence in the Huangshan Mountains. Guam, USA Image Source Above: The love padlocks of Puntan dos Amantes (Two Lovers' Point) in Guam, a beautiful and incredibly romantic spot that overlooks the ocean. Korakuen, Japan Image Source Above: This colourful and beautiful wall of locks can be seen at an amusement park in Korakuen, Japan. Korakuen is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan, and is located in Tokyo. Prague, Czech Republic Image Source Above: A wonderful photograph of a bridge covered in love locks that is near to the John Lennon Wall in Prague. Moscow, Russia Image Source Above: These love lock covered trees are located on the Luzhkov Bridge in Moscow. Many of the locks have been placed there by newlyweds hoping that it will bring them good luck. Rome, Italy Image Source Above: Sweethearts started adding padlocks to the The Milvian Bridge in Rome in 2006 thanks to a novel by Federico Moccia. Unfortunately in 2012 Italian officials decided to ban people from attaching the locks and the ones that were there were removed with bolt cutters. Seoul, South Korea Image Source Above: This picture of the N Seoul Tower in South Korea is one of the coolest we have been able to find. The Koreans have had to add key bins for couples to drop the key in, as keys being thrown over the edge of the tower were proving to be too much of a danger to pedestrians below.

21 Absolutely Ridiculous Wedding Dresses
OK, it's the most important day of your life and you can wear whatever the heck you want, but does it need to be that off the wall? Some people dream of their wedding dresses all their lives, but these frock horrors are more like the stuff of nightmares... 1. Bumpy Image Source Does anyone think this lady might be expecting? 2. Barbie Image Source Rumours that there are women hiding somewhere inside these dresses are yet to be confirmed. 3. Lengthy Image Source In Budapest, 17-year-old model Ema Dumitrescu dragged a 2750 metre long train behind her for this Guinness World Record attempt. With 4700 metres of taffeta and 5.5 metres of Chantilly lace, the fabric alone cost 5000. 4. Olympian Image Source A bridegroom in the Chinese city of Guangzhou saw his wife-to-be's dress as the perfect opportunity to pay homage to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. At 200.8 metres long, the gargantuan gown was also the country's longest when it was made, which surely deserves a gold medal. 5. Tying the knit Image Source It's hard to believe that this silly-looking design is by YSL. It dates back to 1965, when looking like a loo roll holder was all the rage. 6. Aw, petal. Image Source In China, Xiao Fan proposed to his girlfriend, Yin Mi, with a painstakingly-made wedding dress of 9,999 red roses. Thankfully, she said yes. 7. Hairy Image Source In Liverpool, wedding dress designer Thelma Madine of 'Big Fat Gypsy Weddings' fame got together with hairdressing salon Voodou to create this human hair frock. Eight people worked for around 300 hours to finish the dress, which was made of tens of thousands of individual hair wefts and 12 underskirts and probably never got used for an actual wedding. 8. Sheepish Image Source Shepherdess Louise Fairburn loves her rare breed Lincoln Longwool sheep so much that she crafted her wedding dress from their wool. 9. Wear your cake and eat it Image Source What are the two most important things at a wedding? If you said the Bride and Groom you've clearly never been a bride. The correct answer of course is the dress and the cake. That being the case, why not combine the two for something a bit less traditional? Designed by Lukka Sigurdardottir, this incredible, edible dress design lets you wear your cake and eat it too. 10. Sweet Image Source Ukranian pastry chef Valentyn Shtefano baked his bride's wedding dress, which is made predominantly of cream puffs (1500 of them, to be precise) . We're not sure how she went about sitting down.Or going to the loo. Or doing anything, except pose for this photograph. 11. X-rated Image Source No comment. 12. A brush with style Image Source Why have a traditional wedding dress when you can just go for body paint? Just hope it doesn't rain on your big day. That could be embarrassing. 13. Alive Image Source Shortly after this photograph was taken, the dress ate the groom. 14. Belt up Image Source "Glamour" model Jodie Marsh puts her own unique take on the term 'bridal wear'. 15. Wide load Image Source You'd really have trouble getting through the average church or registry office door in this number. Not just because of the width of it, but because of the blindfold. Sorry, veil. 16. Cocky Image Source Can you believe the back of this peacock-feather wedding dress doesn't flip up and fan out? How disappointing. 17. Blow up Image Source This inflatable dress can be made to order. Can you imagine the fun you could have at the reception with the buttonhole pins? 18. Bog standard Image Source Simple, yet surprisingly effective. Until you move, that is. Or the wedding venue loos run out of paper... 19. Busty Image Source Everyone has strapless dresses these days, so why not copy this lady and go for a unique take on the trend? Your guests won't know where to look and you'll probably have a wardrobe malfunction during the first dance but it's different, isn't it? 20. Sporty Image Source When Karen Bell, a Manchester United fan, married Simon, a City Fan, she decided to surprise him. Using his old kits and a flag, she created this. 21. Latexy Image Source Artist Susie MacMurray used 1400 rubber gloves to create this avant garde gown. Reports say no dentists or doctors were harmed during its creation.

10 Wild Ways to Woo a Mate
Dating can be a tricky game. It's often difficult to know how to impress a potential partner without going over the top. Take some tips from the animal kingdom, where some species pull out all the stops in the quest to bag a partner. 1. Satin bowerbird Image Source This satin bowerbird, from Australia, knows that the female of the species is a fan of all things blue. He goes on a mission for blue things, then uses them to decorate his bower; a sort of love nest. Females visit all the bowers in the area until they find one that meets their satisfaction. Other bowerbird species are into different colours and the males use flowers, leaves, junk and shells to decorate their pads. 2. Great crested grebe Image Source Great crested grebes exchange gifts at mating time which often include nesting material. The human equivalent would perhaps be turning up to a date with a pram. Happily, great crested grebes aren't too fazed by the advance and the presumptuous present usually seals the deal. 3. Wolf spider Image Source Dancing is dangerous territory when it comes to dating, but that doesn't put off the male wolf spider. He raises himself up and waves his palps (those things at the front) in a sort of semaphore routine. It's impressive stuff to watch. A great tactic, but as soon as he gets close enough, the male wolf spider stabs the female with those palps, which is how mating takes place. 4. Hippos Image Source There's no nice way to put this, but in order for what is happening in the above picture to take place, the male has to attract the female. And he does this by... spraying her with faeces as she passes. Definitely one best left to the animal kingdom. 5. Elephants Image Source During their quest to seduce, male elephants often go for a softly softly approach, standing face-to-face with the female and interlocking trunks. 6. Peacock spider Image Source At 4mm long, the peacock spider is tiny. But what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in impressive colouration. At mating time, he displays stunning patterns and lifts this spectacular flap on his back. Not only that, he performs a wonderful dance, raising his legs high in the air in an attempt to impress potential mates. It's a risky business: those who aren't impressed, or who have already mated, might eat him up. 7. Frigate bird Image Source During mating season, the male frigate bird, from South America's Galapagos islands, puffs out his chest into this enormous, inflatable red thing, which looks a bit like a love heart-shaped balloon. Sweet. 8. Bird of paradise Image Source That's not a giant smiley face, but the impressive mating plumage of a bird of paradise. He pimps himself up into an iridescent oval that looks a bit like a crazy face and dances around the rather plain-looking female. His trance-like dance and the ticking sound made by his quills usually hypnotises his mate into seduction. 9. Blue-footed booby Image Source Once you've got the juvenile sniggers out of the way, the mating habits of the booby are pretty interesting. Hailing from the Galapagos Islands, the blue-footed booby does a stomp with his massive turquoise feet in an attempt to impress potential mates. The brighter the blue feet, the healthier the male. Blue-footed boobies are monogamous and the feet are used to protect young, so it's an important part of the selection process. 10. Fiddler crabs Image Source These crabs wave their massive yellow claws as they try to grab the attention of females. Experts have described seeing a sea of claws fling into the air when there's a female nearby. Studies using mechanical crabs have found that the lady crabs prefer to go for males with bigger claws and faster waves.


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