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Wedding Planning

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Wedding Planning

Date Added: December 13, 2007 04:26:26 PM

Planning a wedding can be a difficult task; couples often find themselves at sea when they are faced with the elaborate task of planning a wedding. If you are planning a wedding here are a few tips to help you plan your wedding in a systematic manner:

Know your budget
The first step in planning a wedding is making a budget. You should know exactly how much you can afford to spend on the wedding, and systematically plan various expenses. Keep in mind that wedding invitations and other sundry expenses will make up around 15% of the wedding budget and you should always provide yourself some cushion for unforeseen wedding expenses.
Couples planning a wedding should stick to the budget at all costs, but at the same time be flexible. Don't assume that all your budget calculations are correct and be willing to cater to minor cost fluctuations as the wedding draws closer.
The wedding invitations
With so many wedding invitation ideas to choose from, you should give yourself ample time before ordering the wedding invitations. All wedding invitations should be posted at least a month before the wedding, order the wedding invitations at least 2 months before the wedding (this will give you enough time to finalise the wedding invitations and send them out to friends and family members). Always order a few more cards than you need, as even the best compiled wedding lists miss out one or two people.
Choosing a caterer
While planning a wedding one should look for references before looking for a caterer. Friends and family members are usually the best place to get references. When you speak to the caterer look for previous work experience and also ascertain if you can work with each other successfully. If you are not comfortable with the caterer thank him for his time and move on. Remember to discuss your budget in advance, get everything in writing and don't leave any detail for the last moment. There is also a probability that you might have to order the wedding cake from the caterer, if this is the case don't waste your time looking for another wedding cake.
The wedding rings
If you have not factored in the cost of the wedding ring in the wedding budget make sure you do so today. Wedding rings can cost anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. While planning a wedding it is easy to get carried away with the wedding rings, but only spend a little extra if you are buying just one ring. If you already have a family heirloom that will be used as a wedding ring then you might want to spend a little extra on the other ring.
Choosing a wedding dress
There is no denying that the bride is the centre of attention and the wedding dress will catch everyones eye when the bride makes her grand entrance. If you want to get a real deal on the wedding dress, look for a shop that is selling wedding dresses from previous years fashion line.
Stick to the budget
Having a budget and adhering to a budget are two different things, it is important to be flexible but not overspend. Remember that having a budget is only useful if you are willing to see the budget all the way through. As mentioned earlier in the article, while planning a wedding one should be willing to accommodate unforeseen expenses. Remember, the money you save on your wedding can be put to good use for your honeymoon. Also keep close tabs on all expenses so you are completely aware of the amount of money you have already spent. Only spend lavishly once you are confident that you have accommodated all the items on your budget, so that you make the most of your wedding budget.

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